Extension Activity

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Juvenile Home Visit

Based on the motivation given by Rev.Sr.Dr.A.Nirmala Devi, Principal of our College, a group of 25 B.Ed students visited the Juvenile Home with two faculty members on 22.12.2017. Our student teachers taught Tamil and English alphabets to them and depicted their concern for them by sharing eatables with them. Rev.Sr.Dr.A.Nirmala Devi regularly conducts value education and life motivation sessions to the delinquents as she is a member of the PMI – ‘Prison Ministry of India’, TamilNadu Unit. The Juvenile Home Superintendent rendered necessary support and guidance for this service.

Special School Visit

Our students visited the High School for the Blind, Florence Swainson School for Deaf and Dumb, St.Ann’s Rehabilitation center for Mentally Handicapped Children and the Bishop Sergeant Home and School for the mentally Challenged. This exposure provided the needed conscience regarding the less privileged sectors of the academic domain.