Readers club

The Readers Club of our College organized a guest lecture on “Information Resources for Teaching and Learning Process” on 1st February 2019. Mr. Mani, Deputy Librarian of Sadakahullah Appa College, Tirunelveli explained the importance of library in the modern Era.

Voters Literacy Club

To create awareness about ‘Accessible Elections’, the Voters Literacy Club of our college conducted a debate and drawing competition on 15th March 2019. Dr. Theresita Shanthi, the Nodal officer of “Voter Awareness Forum” headed the competitions. Our principal distributed the prizes to the winners.

Seminar on Media Analysis

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We had arranged a seminar on the 29th and 30th March 2019 on “Media Analysis”. Dr. Kingsley, the Head of the Department of Media Communication, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) took our 2nd year B.Ed. students on a tour to the Media World by his inspiring speech with anecdotes.

National Seminar on ‘Moving Towards Plastic Free Future’

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Our ICM district team educational councilor and our Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Rev. Dr. L. Vasanthi Medona and Dr. M. Maria Saroja, the Research Director and Associate Professor of Biological science, together organized a one-day National Seminar in collaboration with the Seshasayee Paper and Boards Limited., Tirunelveli on 26th March 2019 on “Moving Towards Plastic Free Future”. Rev. Sr. A. Magdalene Therese, our Secretary, was the patron. Resourceful input sessions were conducted by eminent environmentalists. 51 participants presented papers on the theme which were published in the institutions research journal Inigo Edu Research, with ISSN number. From the feedback of the delegates, we felt happy that we could make a remarkable contribution to environmental protection.

Seminar on Cyber Crime

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It is high time to alert and make young women aware of the issues, causes and control measures on cyber-crime. To bring about this awareness in our budding teachers we had arranged a guest lecture on Cyber Crime on 25.03.2019. The resource person Rev. Dr. Henry Jerome, Rector of St Xavier’s Institutions, Palayamkottai who has a doctoral degree in Cyber Criminology, with his vast experience and wider knowledge, motivated the student teachers to take up the responsibility of eradicating the ill effects of cyber-crime. Card image cap

5 Day International TCI Workshop

Ruth Cohn Institute - India, for Theme Centered Intraction is starting an International Programme in TCI for Tamil Nadu for the first time. The first workshop of the certificate course was held in our College from 16th to 20th January, 2019. Prof. Karin Kritzche from Germany served as the International facilitator, Ms. Maria Zangl from Austria was one of the participants of this workshop meant for personality development.19 participants from different institutions were benefitted from the workshop to improve their inner self by realizing “Who am I? Who are you? Where do we come from? This deepened search made them respond to their inner voices and enhanced their own chairpersonship. This International Workshop was organized by Dr.X. Rosary Mary, the former Director of Youth Welfare Department, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli and was convened by our Principal Rev.Dr. A. Nirmala Devi.

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The enduring issues on gender disparities awakened and prompted our Principal Rev.Sr.Dr.A.Nirmala Devi, to organize a one-day National Seminar on ‘Towards Gender Sensitivity: An Eclectic Perspective’on 20th November 2018.With the guidance and motivation our Secretary Rev.Sr.Magdalene Therese, and with the untiring efforts of co-organizing secretaries Dr.E.C.Punitha, Dean and IQAC coordinator, Dr. Thereshita Shanthi, Asst. Prof. of Physical Science, Dr. Indramary Ezhil Selvi, Asst. Prof. of Psychology, and all the committee members, the wheels of our national seminar rolled finely. The seminar was highly resourceful and we were made to realize the gender sensitivity through the following sessions.

  • ‘Political and Social perspectives of Gender’ by Dr. G.R. Sigma, Asst. Professor of English, NSS College for Women, Trivandrum.
  • “Gender Representations in the Media” by Dr. K.S. Krithika, Asst. Professor, Department of Visual communication, Pondicherry University.
  • ‘Decoding Gender’ panel discussion chaired by Dr. Mary Magdaline Abraham, Associate Prof. of English, Fatima College (Autonomous), Madurai.
  • Dr.K.Balasubramanian, former professor of English, MS University, Tirunelveli; Advocate Ms.P.Viji, the transgender advocate from Tuticorin, and Dr. A. ChandrapushpamPrabu, AIR, Tirunelveli were the panelists.
  • ‘Gender issues at the work place’ by Dr. Vasuhi, Asst. Professor of English, MS University, Tirunelveli.
  • Poster presentation competition by students to create awareness on gender sensitive issues.
  • Street theatre play on “Gender discrimination and Women” by our I year B.Ed, students.

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Rev.Dr.Nirmala Devi, Principal of St.Ignatius College of Education, Palayamkottai organized a seminar on “Global warming and natural resources depletion” on 17.10.2018 in our College. Sister Agnes, a social worker and activist sung an awareness song about Environment and Agriculture. Dr.Arunachalam from Kerala University, the resource person,made the participants of the seminar aware of the causes and effects of Global warming , natural resources depletion and their effects.

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Mrs. Mary Sundarabai and Mrs. Chellammal, the Art and Craft Instructors of our College with the able guidance of our Secretary Rev.Sr.Magdalene Therese and our Principal Rev. Dr.A.Nirmala Devi organized a workshop on, “Creative Training for Effective Teaching”, on 16.10.2018, in our College auditorium. Fr.A.SahayaBelix of Xavier Pastoral Centre, Nagercoil, conducted the workshop.

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A Two day National Seminar on Full Wellness (FW 2018) was organized by our prestigious institution, St.Ignatius College of Education (Autonomous), Palayamkottai on 20.08.2018 and 21.08.2018. The objective of the seminar is to form people with full wellness through transformation from the fragmented self to the integrated self, for the betterment of a humane society enriched with ethical values with self awareness, self esteem and positive attitude.

With the untiring efforts and the prayerful support of our Secretary Rev.Sr.Magdalene Therese and the able guidance of our Principal Rev.Dr.A.Nirmala Devi, Dr.Faritha Begam, Controller of Examination of our college and Associate Proferssor of Education and also the Organizing Secretary of the seminar worked with her team to bring out the seminar successfully. Dr. William Dharmaraja, Head of the department of Education, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli served as the Co-ordinator of the seminar.

Delegates from various institutions gave a positive response for our call participated and presented papers in the National Seminar. The first session “Self transformation: as a way to Emotional Wellness” was conducted by Dr.G. Ramanujam Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Government Medical College, Tirunelveli. Session – II was noteworthy with the input of Mr.Janeline Lunghan a Sports Nutritionist from Manipur. Session III was conducted by Mrs. Kowsalya Kumar on ‘Yoga for Holistic Health’.

The pre lunch session of the second day on, ‘ Mental Wellness : Indian Scenario” was remarkable due to the young and energetic resource person Dr.F.Ferose Azeez Ibrahim from the Institute for Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences(IHBAS), New Delhi. The culminating session V, conducted by the most respected Rev.Dr. Pushparaj the Secretary of St. Xavier’s College of Education (Autonomous), Palayamkottai was indeed a very useful one. His session on “Spiritual Wellness: Empty yourself to be full”, has truly transformed the participants.

National Seminar on Nano- science Technology

A National Seminar on “Nano science Technology” was conducted on 14th October,2017 by the Bosonia club of physical science department. Dr. N. Theresita Shanthi, Assistant Professor of Physical science organized the seminar. 32 participants presented papers and the entire seminar proved to be a very successful one.

Seminar on “Health and Wellness”

A seminar on “Health and Wellness” was organized by Dr. Faritha Begum, on 20.02.2018. Dr. Gigi Selvan, Director of Annai Velankanni Hospitals, Palayamkottai, was the resource person. She gave awareness about personal hygiene and women health.

Seminar on “Acupuncture – A boon for maladies”

Our Principal Rev. Dr. A. Nirmala Devi organized a seminar on, “Acupuncture- A boon for maladies” on 24.02.2018. The resource person of the seminar Dr.Anantha Krishnan, said that acupuncture improves the body's functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific anatomic sites--commonly referred to as acupoints.

Seminar on “Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment”

Our Principal Rev.Dr.A.Nirmala Devi, and Dr. Faritha Begam, had organized a one day Seminar on “Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment” on 20.03.2018. Dr.B.Radha, Associate Professor, Department of Criminology, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University was the Resource Person. She enlightened us through her rich experiential knowledge and beautifully enunciated about Gender, Legal Assistance, Types of Harassments, Impact of Sexual Harassment, Prevention and types of Child Abuse.

Capacity Building for Teachers

March 22nd proved itself to be a remarkable day in this academic year. An enhancement seminar was arranged by our principal Rev.Dr.A.Nirmala Devi, for our staff and M.Ed and M.Phil scholars. Professor Shahul Hameed, Head of the Department of Business Administration, Sadakkathullah Appa College, Tirunelveli was the resource person for the seminar. He gave an intense orientation for Research methodology and gave practical training in “Statistical Package for the social sciences”.